Skating Classes

Welcome to Ice Park Skating School, class is now in session.

We have group lessons every week for Beginner skaters just starting to learn the basics, all the way up to Advanced skaters trying jumps, spins, and turns. Enrolling in a group class is an excellent and affordable way for kids and adults to learn ice skating skills, make friends, and have fun playing a healthy athletic activity. Each class is taught by a trained ice skating instructor following a skill progression curriculum to ensure every student has an educational and enjoyable time. Please contact the front desk to enroll in Ice Park Skating School.

At Ice Park, school is really cool!

Skate The Rainbow

    Learn to skate classes at Ice Park. "SKATE THE RAINBOW" 8 weeks of intensive learn to skate classes. From 5 - 14 year old.
      Study every Saturday at 12:00 pm & 12:30 pm.
        $80 for 8 weeks of Ice, includes 30 minutes lesson plus practice time & free skate rental. Move up to through the 6 levels of Fundamentals.
          Tiny Turtles also available! From 3 - 5 year old. 30 minutes class includes skate rental and practice time. Pint-sized classes only 4-weeks long!
            4 classes only $40.
              Sign up today! For more info please contact to: 023 966 730 / 081 528 555 / 093 888 222
                Address: 4th Floor AEON Mall, No 132 Sothearos Blvd

                Rising Stars Private Training

                Rising Stars Classes are part of Ice Park Cambodia’s class structure teaching young athletes how to train effectively, further their skills and progress along their skating journey. The atmosphere is friendly but hard working. The coach delivery is firm, fair but fun. The goal is to develop skaters who possess talent that through dedication and hard work can reach their maximum potential and possibly represent Cambodia on National and International Team in the future.

                Dancing On Ice Class

                If you are Gamma level or higher come and join us for Saturday morning (9:20 am - 10:20 am) Dancing On Ice fun! We will cover many skills all set to music of different genres. The goal is to learn the performance aspect of our sport and perfect skills needed for both choreographic content of shows in Ice Park and also for skating programs for competitions. We will also cover Ice Dancing Compulsory Dances which another discipline in our sport not currently practiced within Ice Park but will be gradually introduced starting with this class. Doesn’t matter what your skating skills are, this lesson is fun, exercise and dance all mixed together.